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Hands-on classes presented by VCE volunteers of the Northern Shenandoah Valley Master Gardeners Association.

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Timothy O’Grattan O’Leary , Leprechaun comes to America and lands in Frederick County, Virginia

The September class for kids at Bowman library will be a class on making a leprechaun/fairy garden. Timothy is a leprechaun that just might live near the pond behind Bowman Library. This class will hear a short story written by Meredith Groark Waltman who knows a lot about leprechauns. Her grandfather was born in Lislaughna, County Mayo, Ireland and she knows for sure about leprechauns. There were a fairy or two on the family farm back in Mayo and for sure the little ones followed people over to America.

The kids will be able to hear about Timothy and how to make a garden that might make a fairy or leprechaun come to live in their yard once they take it home.

And we have a wonderful young artist, Shannon Cox, who also knows a thing or two about fairies, who drew a wonderful picture of Timothy and his friend Cyrus, the swan landing on a pond in Virginia. It looks very much like the pond near Bowman Library. The children will be able to take the picture home to color and then bring it back to the library to post so the other children can check for Timothy or Cyrus when they visit the library.

For ages 8 and up

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 Show more dates
5:00pm - 6:00pm
BL Children's Room
Bowman Library
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